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2014                            Exhibition Gladwell & Patterson - London (UK)
2013                            Exhibitin Heuberg 24 - Basel (Switzerland)
2012                            Exhibition WH Patterson - London (UK)
2011                            Exhibition Squisito - Dubai (UAE)
                                    Exhibition WH Patterson - London (UK)
                                    Exhibition Monaco Fine Arts - Monaco
2010                            Silver jubilee: 25 years Willem Dolphyn - WH Patterson - London (UK)
                                    Exhibition 3 x Dolphyn (Victor, Willem, Walter)- Abdijhoeve Ter Duinen - Koksijde (Belgium)
                                    Group exhibition Arte Monaco - Grimaldi Forum (MC)
2009                            Group exhibition India Art Summit - New Delhi (India)
                                    Exhibition WH Patterson - London (UK)
2008                            Group exhibition Salmagundi Arts Club - New York (USA)
                                    Exhibition WH Patterson - London (UK)
2007                            Exhibition WH Patterson - London (UK)
2006                            Exhibition WH Patterson - London (UK)
2005                            Exhibition WH Patterson - London (UK)
2004                            Exhibition 4 x Dolphyn (Denis, Victor, Willem, Walter) - Cultural Center - Diest (Belgium)
                                    Exhibition WH Patterson - London (UK)
2003                            Exhibition WH Patterson - London (UK)
2002                            European Realists "Mimesis et Inventio" - Panorama Museum - Bad-Frankenhausen (Germany)
                                    Group exhibition Gallery Hoeve Rijlaarsdam - Nieuwkoop (The Netherlands)
                                    Exhibition WH Patterson - London (UK)
2001                            Exhibition Monaco Fine Arts - Monaco
                                    Exhibition WH Patterson - London (UK)
                                    Exhibition WH Patterson - London (UK)
2000                            Exhibition Monaco Fine Arts - Monaco
1999                            Exhibition WH Patterson - London (UK)
1998                            Exhibition Monaco Fine Arts - Monaco
                                    Exhibition BBL - Antwerp (Belgium)
                                    Exhibition - WH Patterson - London (UK)
1997                            Group exhibition Gallery Bonnard - Nuenen (The Netherlands)
                                    Exhibition WH Patterson - London (UK)
1996                            Exhibition Monaco Fine Arts - Monaco
                                    Exhibition WH Patterson - London (UK)
1995                            Exhibition WH Patterson - London (UK)
1994                            Exhibition Monaco Fine Arts - Monaco
                                    Exhibition Aldea Kitano - Kobe (Japan)
1993                            Exhibition Belgian Embassy - Osaka (Japan)
                                    Group exhibition Cultural Center - Mechelen (Belgium)
                                    Exhibition Aldea Kitano - Kobe (Japan)
                                    Exhibition WH Patterson - London (UK)
1992                            Exhibition WH Patterson - London (UK)
1991                            Exhibition Gallery Van der Plancken - Antwerp (Belgium)
1990                            Exhibition WH Patterson - London (UK)
                                    3 x Dolphyn: Denis, Victor and Willem - Elzenveld - Antwerp (Belgium)
1989                            Exhibition WH Patterson - London (UK)
1987                            Exhibition WH Patterson - London (UK)
1985                            First exhibition WH Patterson - London (UK)
                                    First exhibition Monaco Fine Arts - Monaco
1984                            Exhibition Hotel Des Indes - Den Haag (The Netherlands)
1983                            First individual exhibition abroad of paintings, water colours, drawings and etchings - Gravensteen - Zierikzee
                                    (The Netherlands)
1977                            Group exhibition with pupils - Gallery Carolus - Antwerp (Belgium)
1975                            Group exhibition with pupils - Gallery Carolus - Antwerp (Belgium)
1974                            Group exhibition "New Antwerp Classic School" - Gallery Campo - Antwerp (Belgium)
1968                            First individual exhibition - Galllery Gebo - Antwerp (Belgium)
1957                            Exhibition of miniatur paintings- Nijenrode Castle - Breukelen  (The Netherlands)
1952                            First group exhibition-  Arenbergtheater - Antwerp (Belgium)

1935            Willem Leo Jan Dolphyn is born in Atwerp (Belgium) on 17 May 1935, the son of artist Victor  Dolphyn and
                    Anna De Ridder, grandson of Flemish writer Alfons De Ridder (Willem Elsschot)
1950            Enrols at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp
1952            First group exhibition Arenbergtheater Antwerp
                    Makes illustrations for the Animal Protection Society of Antwerp
1953            Studies graphics with G. De Bruyne and etching with R. De Koninck.
                    Makes first foreign study trip to Italy, France, Spain, Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Lybia, Lebanon
1954-1956   Military service with engineering corps. 
                     First book illustrations for writer Gerard Walschap (Manneke Maan).
1955             Book illuminations for Janneke en Mieke in de oorlog  (G. Walschap).
1956-1957   Studies at the National Higher Institute for Fine Arts in Antwerp
                     Exhibits miniatures at Nijenrode Castle in The Netherlands
1958             Designs 3 stands at the World 's Fair in Brussels: the award-winning Goldenstein stand (diamonds), the Olivetti stand and
                     the Sigma candles stand
                     Book illumination: De uil wist het ( Jan Peeters)
1960             Designs 3 postage stamps featuring Belgian paratroopers
                     Designs postage stamp featuring Nicolaas Rockox
1962             Illustrations for school books published by Van In & Co
                     Designs logo for Jubil√© Tornado cigars (Willem II)
1963             Birth of son Walter
1964-1968   Teaches still-life and figure drawing at the Arts Academy of Mol, Belgium
1965             Illustrations for the Musical Instruments Museum in Brussels
1967-1977   Creates illustrations and humorous drawings for schoolchildren magazine CLIO
1968             First individual exhibition at Gallery Gebo in Antwerp
1970             Establishment of Sigma Advertising Agency
                     Collaborates with Jo Lagrilli√®re on 3 comic strips in the Jan Zonder Vrees-series
                     Book illuminations for the Jan Bart-series: De eerste wapenfeiten van Jan Bart ( Wim Valkenaar) - Nederlandse Boekhandel
1971             Book illustrations: Jan Bart: schaak aan de admiraal (Karel Verleyen, J.F. De Craene)
                                                 Slaaf op de galeien ( Wim Valkenaar)
                                                 Jan Zonder Vrees: avonturen in Spanje (F. Gysen)
                                                 Jan Zonder Vrees: de schaduw van de galg (K. Verleyen)
1972             Book illustrations: Jan Bart: de vuurdoop (W. Valkenaar)
                                                 Jan Bart: de tempel van Verisjna (K. Verleyen)
                                                Jan Zonder Vrees: de wolvenkoning (K. Verleyen)
                                                Jan Zonder Vrees: de zwarte monnik (K. Verleyen)
                                                De vrolijke daden van Keizer Karel (Auctor)
                     Book illumination for De Boevere publishers: 8.000 maal oorlog en vrede 
                     Illustration for the festive book of the Boel shipyard on the occasion of the launching of MS Fabiolaville (Matron of
                     Honor: Queen Fabiola)   
1973             Study trip to Thailand, nepal, Tobet, Indonesia,  Kalimantan, Bali, Sulawesi, Sarawak, Hongkong, Philippines and India
1976             Illustrations for Jan Zonder Vrees en de bende van Boekenberg (F. Gysen)
                                            Jan Zonder Vrees en de rovers van het Vrijbos (Aster Berkhof)
1977             Jan Zonder Vrees en de vreemde spionnen (F. Gysen)
1978             Jan Zonder Vrees vecht in Frankrijk (F. Gysen)
1979-1985   Teaches still-life and figure painting at the Academy of Arts in Berchem-Antwerp
1983             First major individual exhibition abroad in Zierikzee - The Netherlands
1984             Exhibition at Hotel des Indes - Den Haag -  The Netherlands
                     Co-founds and chairs the To-ken Society of Belgium (an organisation dedicated to the study and preservation of the Japanese
                     swords, fittings and armours)
1985             First exhibition at W.H. Patterson Fine Arts London
                     First exhibition at Monaco Fine Arts Gallery
                     Publishes first artbook: Willem Dolphyn
1986             Dersigns beer mats for theBrouwerij de Koninck featuring the characters of the De Poesje puppet theatre
1987             Illustration for the centenary celebration of the police station Blindestraat Antwerp
1992             First and second exhibition in Japan (Osaka and Kobe)
                     Co-founds the novelty band "So What", who score a single hit with Broeder Jacob
                     Passing away of father Victor Dolphyn on March 22nd
1995             Serves a year-long term as Cultural Ambassador for  the city of Antwerp
2003             Passing away of his mother Anna De Ridder on August 19th
2004             Publishes his second artbook: Willem Dolphyn
2008             Creates his magnum opus: A Panoramic view of the Skyline of Antwerp
2009             Group exhibition India Art Summit - New Delhi (India)
                     Exhibition WH Patterson - London (UK)   
2010             Silver jubilee: 25 years Willem Dolphyn - WH Patterson - London (UK)
                     Exhibition 3 x Dolphyn (Victor, Willem, Walter)- Abdijhoeve Ter Duinen - Koksijde (Belgium)
                     Group exhibition Arte Monaco - Grimaldi Forum (MC)